2018 Travel Goals

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When you have crazy busy travel years like I did in 2017 and 2016, there’s an expectation. So let me start by saying that I plan on travelling to fewer countries in 2018 than I did in 2016 or 2017. Why? I’ve always said that my pace of travel over the last two years is not sustainable long term.

There’s this thing about seasons in life and anyone that knows me knows that travel will always be a part of my life. However, I will not be going to 2 countries (on average) per month this year as I did in 2017. I’m not a full time traveller or travel blogger and I don’t work for myself at the moment. I hope this means that I’ll have time to share a little more about the places I’ve been, and share the images, tips and stories I’ve gathered along the way!

Hold on though, I still have ambitious travel goals to some exciting destinations this year. To be completely honest, I expect a few transitions in 2018 so the second half of the year is a little ‘blurry’!

Waiting on 2018 adventures like…

Last year, I wrote down my goals by seasons but this time I’m breaking it down by continent.



  1. Go on a Ski trip (my first ever!) and not break my neck or any body parts.  Destination – Switzerland, France, Austria, or Italy
  2. Spend a Weekend in Dublin – I shunned Ireland because I felt salty that it’ll cost me more to fly to a visa appointment than it would to actually fly to Dublin. I’m trying to be an adult and let this go, it’s a new year.
  3. Visit the Isle of Skye – Scotland is gorgeous and is known for more than whisky (although apparently its quite good). Did you know portions of Skyfall were shot in Glencoe, Scotland? The Isle of Skye has been on my list for a while. Fingers crossed for mid-March.
  4. Weekend Trip to the Lake District in the UK – England’s largest national park!

North America

  • Visit 2 New US States
    • New Orleans (Louisiana), this is the year we finally get acquainted!!!
    • I’m thinking along the lines of North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, or Washington State.

Australia – Is this the year I finally go down under?

  1. Visit Australia – Snorkel the great barrier reef, attend a Hillsong service in Sydney, take a touristy photo near the world-famous opera house OR
  2. Road trip through New Zealand’s South Island

The Motherland – Africa

  1. Cape Verde – we have unfinished business from 2017
  2. Kenya – More unfinished business from 2017
  3. Nigeria – because … home!

A Week in South or Central America

  • Blurry but if I had to rank I’d say Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Ecuador. Either way, I’d spend a week in one of these countries. P.S. I’m aware that Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica are in North America 🙂


Stretch Goal – a Return to Asia

  • Spend a week in Indonesia & a weekend in Hong Kong at the very end of the year


So there we have it, somewhere between 6 and 10 countries this year, plus a mix of local and international adventures. I have a few more local plans not listed above. I just realized that while my list is way shorter than last year’s, it covers 6 continents! So, in the end, it depends on how you choose to look at my travel goals compared to last year. I’m writing the plan and making it plain, let’s see what happens.


Blog Plans

  • Learn how to vlog and do videos on a number of trips this year. Is this something you’d be interested in?
  • Promote this blog more, tell people about my blog (even when it makes me squirm). Please subscribe so you don’t miss new posts (to your right)!! I don’t spam!
  • Perhaps a blog facelift in the second half of the year
  • Post consistently on Mondays all year
  • As God provides, do another travel-related giveaway at the end of the year
  • Actively seek the right opportunities to collaborate with others


What Are Your Travel Plans for the year?

Do you have plans to visit any of these countries in 2018 or have you already visited? If you have, please share a top tip! I’m also curious as to how people set travel goals for the year. Let’s chat about your plans for the year in the comments section below!

Happy New Year and safe travels, let’s go!!

PS. I wrote about how I afford to travel here, and my favourite travel apps here . If this is your first time here, WELCOME!! Read my travel story here and 21 random things here to get to know a little bit about me! I’m still working on that 2017 montage…lets just say I’m still learning the whole video thing 🙂 .


11 thoughts on “2018 Travel Goals

  1. Love how diverse all these countries are. And it’s really okay to travel at your own pace, as quickly and as slowly as you want. It doesn’t matter what others expect and I like that you are doing exactly that.
    Wishing you an amazing year + awesome travel adventures. Can’t wait to read the stories.


    1. Thank you, absolutely . I plan to do just that…travel at my own pace. Have an amazing year as well (all around and travel inclusive of course). I can’t wait to share the stories as well. I need to back up my site o !!

  2. Your 2018 goals looks good. You can do whatever you set your mind to do really! As for travels, I plan to do more local trips within Canada, maybe visit Nigeria and take another trip outside Canada/ Nigeria. I’m still not certain what country as I have about 4 on my list. But for now that’s the plan and that might change later. All the same, I hope you achieve yours and I look forward to your vlog too.

    1. Thanks Zinny! I’m all for local adventures too. Now I’m really curious about your other trip, but Im sure it will be amazing. Plans change all the time, story of our lives 🙂 but I’m sure you’ll bounce back even if that happens. I’m working on the vlog o!!!

  3. Your travel goals are exciting, Dee. It’s great that you’re trying to visit at least one place on every continent. The pace doesn’t matter (in my opinion) – it’s all about the experiences and you’ll likely have great ones based on your list. As for blogging plans – I’m right there with you on many fronts. Realizing that vlogs are the way to go now means that I have to start a YouTube channel and learn video editing while I’m working on a Facebook page, blog promotion, collabs, sponsorships, giveaways, etc. It’s a lot of work and time consuming since I’m doing it part time like you but also exciting because I’m learning many transferrable skills. Looking forward to seeing what you do and possibly partnering with you on a few things later in the year! x

    1. Thanks LK! I actually didn’t start out trying to visit 6 continents…it just turned out that way. Asia is quite the stretch goal but we’ll see. AMEN to everything you’ve said on the blog front but its exciting at the same time! Yes, let’s chat in the second half of the year on doing something together !!!

  4. Exciting times ahead! Not sure i have travel goals this year per se since there’s a new born in the mix! So I’d love to explore England a bit – Lake District sounds good! And then somwhere in Europe as well; and maybe Nigeria because home! Keeping an open mind about travel. Yes you should start vlogging your trips! Your IG stories are exciting so your vlogs will be!

    1. Thanks Kachi!!! England, Nigeria, and Europe those sounds like plans to me :)! I’m going to watch youtube videos tonight about vlogging! Fun Friday night plans!

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