Well worn heels, Aminah Abdul Jillil, Bow Bumps
Source: Yaalia.com


Why Well Worn Heels?

This is a name that reflects my combined weakness for a wicked pair of heels and my love for travel. The more worn the heels, the more beautiful stories of adventures to tell. So here’s to fabulous heels (of any kind, snow boots too!), and life-giving adventures!


Why Blog?

I travel for the love of it and because it sets my soul on fire. I’ve for many years considered sharing my journey on a platform like this but I’ve always been a little scared, and a little shy. I’ve typically used a journal or tried to keep close family and friends updated via email or whatsapp (or whatever works these days), but this is taking it up a notch a bit and putting myself out there.

I’m finally ready to take action and I’m starting this blog (I’m a hopeless list-lover):

  1. To share stories and images that inspire you to explore the world, including your immediate neighbourhood
  2. To show that although it’s not always easy with a ‘restricted ‘ passport, it is possible to travel internationally. We just can’t be so spontaneous or we’d be in for an unpleasant surprise at the airport, haha!
  3. I know that not everyone that desires to travel is able to do so for one reason or another. I’d like to bring my adventures to the comfort of your phone/tablet/computer screens with the hopes that , someday, I’ll be reading about your adventures too
  4. To share what I’m up to with family and friends easily and keep track of my adventures (Maybe my journals will now take a break)
  5. To share tips, resources, and lessons learnt on the road


Click here to read my travel story to learn a little more about me. In the meantime, sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the ride!