Kacheetee Feature

Excuse me as I wipe the dust off my blog and take on the cobwebs that have taken over. It’s been a minute and work and life has been nuts but I’m baaaccckkk!!!

First things first, the lovely Kachi at Kacheetee.com reached out to me some weeks ago to feature on one of her series titled ‘Nine People, One Question.’ In this series, she asks nine similar people one question. For the fourth installation of this series, Kachi got 9 Nigerian female travel lovers/bloggers, and we got to talking!

I know/follow four of the other eight ladies on social media and got to know about four new ones!! It is a long read because each one is clearly passionate about this, check it out and show some love. See the post here

Meanwhile, I do not know how Kachi does blogging consistently with a full-time job as a lawyer, it’s amazing! I will be taking some tips from her because Lord knows I’ve been inconsistent.

I’ve got more coming though…watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Kacheetee Feature

    1. Thanks Kachee! It was a lot of fun to share and to be in the company of all these ladies!!! #moretravelfriends!

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